Tuesday, September 5th, 2006
Ladle full of tradition
Photo by Laura Walker/The Daily Standard

The 108th annual Durbin Bean Bake on Labor Day was a success. The event originated in 1898 in Durbin to honor Civil War veterans. Now, children's games, magic and pedal tractor pulling complete a long day of bean pot stirring. The Pfenning brothers, friends and family all pitch in to make the event work. According to the Pfennings, water is heated to a rolling boil and the meat is added to the pot for about an hour. Then beans are poured in and the stirring begins. Stirring must be constant or the beans will stick, ruining the pot. A secret seasoning is added during the stirring. The beans aren't ready until they are scooped from the pots, allowed to cool and the flag, honoring the veterans, is retired.

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