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Saturday, July 29th, 2006

Development committee sets fees

By William Kincaid
Rockford residents will be able to vote on future polices and resolutions of councilman Eugene Steiners's fledgling Rockford Area Development Corporation - for a small price.
The proposed non-profit corporation's steering committee established its bylaws in July - which must be approved by the Ohio Secretary of State before activated - including membership requirements and guidelines.
Those individuals, families, businesses, charities, community organizations, churches or other entities interested in joining the corporation must pay an annual membership fee, according to the rules of the non-profit. An individual membership costs $25, a standard business or organization membership costs $50 and an executive level business, organization or individual membership costs $100.
Even though an entity may be comprised of and represented by one or a group of individuals - all of whom may speak at the meetings when recognized - each membership is entitled to only one vote, according to the bylaws.
"Members are expected to participate in and to be supportive of the decisions of the organization; of its mission statement, goals, by-laws, and policies; and other business community and community development activities in the Rockford area," the by-laws state.
Regular meetings will be held at least quarterly and will be open to members and potential members only. A quorum for a meeting, according to the by-laws, shall consist of a minimum of nine members present, of which a minimum of six shall be board members."
The Rockford Area Development Corporation, as proposed, will consist of a nine-member elected board of directors and various standing committees, in addition to an elected president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.
Monica Agler, a Rockford resident who is seeking membership and attended the July 12 meeting, said the steering committee will assume the governing appointments until a future election is held.     Agler also said the Rockford Area Development Corporation adopted the followed mission statement: "The Rockford Area Development Corporation exists to attract business and industry to the community and enhance the general quality of life for the residents of this area. We will do this by providing opportunity for new business, enhancing the atmosphere fore existing business and providing impetus and guidance for development of infrastructure and community development, thus lending the new employment opportunities and attracting new residents to the community."
The corporations's steering committee is comprised of Herb Muhlenkamp, Dave Salaway, Pete Hayes, Jerry Sell, Steve Schaaf, Bob Thompson and Roy Thompson.
The corporation consists of local industry leaders from such areas of retail management, service organizations, village administration, township trustees, banks and other areas, including the general public.
Earlier this month, the Rockford Village Council voted to apply for the $100 executive level organization membership.
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