Saturday, November 18th, 2006
Final days for school in Willshire
Photo by Mark Pummell/The Daily Standard

The aging Willshire school building that housed Parkway Local School District's Middle School is now being demolished as the final phase in this year's three-part dismantling project of the Rockford, Mendon and Willshire school buildings. The approximately $1 million that it took to tear down the buildings was picked up by the Ohio State Facilities Commission (OSCF) as part of the $36 construction project of the new PreK-12 education complex located at the south edge of Rockford. The bell tower of the historic Willshire building is being salvaged with the property to be reverted back to the village of Willshire. In Mendon, residents hope to construct a community building on the newly razed grounds that now belong to the village. In Rockford, the old school property remains part of the new 40-acre plus school site.

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