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Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Fisherman puts his spin on ideas for pond

Council OKs agreement with state for fishing at former landfill site

By Janie Southard
ST. MARYS - City council unanimously passed an emergency resolution for a fishing agreement with the state over the 121/2-acre pond at the former landfill site, but not before hearing a suggestion from a local fisherman.
Ed Broyles, a local outdoorsman, told council on Monday night he'd like to see the city stock the pond rather than let the Ohio Division of Wildlife stock it with non-native area fish (rainbow trout).
"That property is city property and I don't know why the state should be involved. Trout is not native here and will not (regenerate). If the city stocks it with bluegill, crappie and perch, those fish are native and will reproduce. We won't need to restock," Broyles read from a prepared statement. "I think the pond should be limited to St. Marys residents only ... Why should we pay the state to fish in our own pond?"
The agreement with the state says the city will require anglers to have a state fishing license. In return, the state will stock the pond with 500 trout in mid- October and the game warden will patrol the area.
"As to boats out there, I'd like to see only hand- or foot-powered boats. No power," Broyles said. "You'll need 1,200 to 1,400 pounds of fish a year to keep the pond in balance. And, I'll tell you, you'll have a lot of happy fishermen."
Councilman Dennis Vossler agreed with the idea of stocking the pond with native fish.
"Actually I can see us having a variety of fish out there," he said.
Safety service director Tom Hitchcock reminded Broyles and council that along with stocking, the state game warden would patrol the area.
"This would be a huge pain for us to patrol on our own," Hitchcock said. "But this resolution only states we'll require a state fishing license to fish out there. I guess we could also stock the pond along with the state ... I don't really know. I'll find out."
The fishing pond is located north of the city along River Road.
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