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Updated September 28th

Local Cross Country Leaderboard

Boys Times
Matt Gaerke, Parkway 16:48
Kyle Roth, Parkway 16:59
Jon Albers, Minster 17:00.8
Alex Albers, Minster 17:03.5
Ethan Ly, Celina 17:04.6
Luke Barga, Minster 17:06.3
Noah Tobin, St. Marys 17:26
Andrew Schoen, Coldwater 17:38
Aaron Huwer, Minster 17:38.4
Alex Felice, Minster 17:43.0
Isaac Schoen, Coldwater 17:49
Jacob Klosterman, Celina 17:57.8
Brock Schulte, Minster 18:06.4
Blake Strickler, Parkway 18:12
Aaron Bruns, Parkway 18:14
Hunter Walterman, New Bremen 18:19
Jordan Heitkamp, St. Marys 18:20
Drew Muhlenkamp, Fort Recovery 18:29
Tommy Mabrey, St. Marys 18:30
Landin Boyle, New Bremen 18:32
Jack Cisco, St. Marys 18:39
Seth Brookhart, St. Henry 18:40.1
Matthew Rindler, St. Henry 18:49.8
Blake Ontrop, St. Henry 18:54.2
Treavor Hisey, St. Marys 18:56
Tyler Prenger, Minster 18:56.2
Girls Times
Emma Watcke, Minster 17:50.8
Kaitlynn Albers, Minster 19:06.4
Gwen Meiring, Minster 19:14.7
Ella Boate, Minster 19:17.1
Madeline Magoto, Minster 19:24.4
Mackenzie Bohman, Minster 19:27.7
Mason Pohl, Minster 20:04.0
Chloe Will, Fort Recovery 20:09
Haley Alig, Coldwater 20:14
Kelsey Broering, Marion Local 20:57
Morgan Henschen, St. Marys 21:03
Joscelyn Dameron, Celina 21:04.4
Caleigh Ross, Celina 21:05.3
Alayna Thieman, New Bremen 21:28
Courtney Bye, Coldwater 21:30
Lauren Hemmelgarn, St. Henry 21:39.2
Katie Kunkler, St. Henry 21:45.1
Beth Honigford, Coldwater 21:50
Brittany Walterbusch, Coldwater 21:56
Sara Honigford, Coldwater 22:00
Rachel Barrett, Parkway 22:05
Andrea Heitkamp, New Bremen 22:17
Lauren Cisco, St. Marys 22:23
Colby Homan, Coldwater 22:23
Brianna Cisco, St. Marys 22:33
Anna Wendel, Fort Recovery 22:33
Treya Conn, Parkway 22:56
Note: Times were submitted by coaches last week. The best times throughout the year by both Minster teams and the New Bremen girls weren’t submitted. Used for this list were Minster and New Bremen’s times from their most recent meets. To qualify, boys must run below 19 minutes. For girls, the cutoff was below 23 minutes.
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